Do you really want one?

Before you get yourself a Swedish vallhund, you will have to ask yourself

if a dog in general and this breed in particular, is right for you .

When buying a puppy, it's very important to find a good and reliable breeder.

On the website of the LICG you can read what to look at (only in Dutch unfortunately).


Having a dog takes time! Every dog, though especially a Swedish vall, needs to exercise at least a couple of hours a day. Every day. Also when it's raining, also when you're busy, also when you don't feel like it. Of course, there are breeds that aren't very energetic and active, but when you're choosing to have a Swedish vallhund, you're choosing to have many dog walks.


Dogs are social living animals. This is especially the case for Swedish valls: being real shepherds, they love being close to their owner(s).

The good thing about this is, they will hardly ever run away and most can go without a leash easily. On the other hand, they don't like being left alone much.

Do you intend to leave home with the entire family the whole day and not take the dog with you? Don't have a Swedish vallhund!

Going out together?

What you see in this picture, is quite a rare situation actually: hardly ever it's allowed to bring the dog with you on a day out!

Mostly, it's like the photo below: the dog has to stay outside... It's good to think about this when you are planning to have a dog. Going out unplanned or going on holiday will be more difficult than it used to be when there was no dog in the family.

Medical care

Many people don't realize their new puppy can get ill or have an accident some day.

Luckily, the Swedish vallhund is a very healthy breed, but it would be good to take possible medical costs into account.

In some cases, it can be wise to have a medical insurance for your dog.


The Swedish vallhund is a real working breed, eminently suitable for people who like to undertake activities with their dogs.  Vice versa, if you don't like doing any training whatsoever with it every now and then, choose another breed!

Because of its sensitive temperament, training should be in a friendly way:  being too harsh on him will work the other way.


Swedish vallhunds love to bark.

Please look for another breed if you don't like it and if you don't feel like unteaching it (as far as possible).

If you don't mind barking dogs, you have to realize that many people do. A lot of problems with, for example, neighbours can be prevented by teaching your dog not to bark too much.

(photo: Oili Helenius)


Raising a puppy takes a lot of time and energy. In this, there's no difference between the Swedish vall and other dogs, although they learn quicker than the average breed.
Specific attention in our breed should be paid however to heeling: they are born with this quality and the goal of this is to herd cattle, but many valls will also use this to shoo their owners.

It's important to teach your dog not to do this, making it safer for joggers to jog past your dog.


Swedish vallhunds are just like other breeds when it comes to making a mess, except that they maybe do not spread nasty smells so much.

So: do you like your house to be neat and tidy? Don't have a dog!

You never know which hobbies your new puppy will develop... Except hair, hair and hair, he will take sand and mud into your house, make scratches in the wooden floor and leather sofa and maybe even little (or big) toothmarks in the table legs.